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Jamison Ross, All For One

Grammy-nominated drummer/singer Jamison Ross is proving that he’s not a one-hit-wonder with the release of his latest recording for Concord Jazz. Titled All For One, the winner of the 2012 Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz International Drum Competition, Ross is solidifying his reputation as one of his generation's brightest young drummer/vocalists. Accompanied by pianist Chris Pattishall, guitarist Rick Lollar (both of whom played on the 2015 debut), bassist Barry Stephenson, and Cory Irvin on Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes.

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Jamison Ross: Give the Singer Some

By Jennifer Odell

There’s a moment on Jamison, the Concord Jazz label debut from drummer Jamison Ross, where a series of soft, stop-and-start drum rolls ebb and flow to anchor his warm tenor’s wordless, almost devotional vocal melody. Together, his drums and voice create motifs that linger into the next number. In a way, these two tracks represent the heart of the album.

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In a Monk Showcase, the Best Is Saved for Last

WASHINGTON — Jamison Ross sauntered onstage at the National Museum of Natural History here on Saturday with the solicitous gleam of a casino floor manager, his bulky frame encased in a suit and his face bearing a wide-open smile. Graciously, he initiated a round of applause for his fellow hopefuls in the 25th-annual Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition, and another for the event’s unflappable house band. Then he sat down, picked up a pair of brushes and counted off “Bye Bye Blues,” an uncomplicated song recorded by dozens of American entertainers from the 1930s on.

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